Toolbox and Influencer Marketing campaign

ACO Spotless

For young and proud skin

Organic views on TikTok

4 593 900

Organic views on YouTube

256 834

Total impressions and interactions

2 874 849

Influencer Marketing – I Just Want To Be Cool


The task was to develop an inspirational, brand building toolbox, with stills and video, that cuts through the buzz, builds the brand but also shows the individual product categories benefits with content through influencer marketing. The campaign should drive awareness to the Spotless range, continue to build effect and continue to recruit the younger target group and their parents.




The campaign was divided into two different strategies; strategic (emotional) and tactical (product focused) content.

Strategic to reach a younger target group where we need to become a natural part of their SOME-culture. The toolbox contains of emotional content that appeals the younger target group and makes them relate to the products. By showing real people with real, unfiltered skin and highlighting emotions connected to impure skin/acne we can create recognition among the target group and showcase how Spotless is a brand for everyone.

A deeper connection to the trademark that builds the relationship over time. The content awakes emotions and will strengthen ACO Spotless’s position as a brand for everyone. By also using inspiring creators that the target group adore, we will create greater demand and interest from the audience in Spotless products.

Therefore we used one of the biggest humor groups on YouTube called IJWTBC that created fun and challenging content on both YouTube and TikTok, Misslisibell to show inspirational content on Instagram and the immensely popular Kevin Bang and Felicia Brundin made relatable videos and customized ads on TikTok.

Tactical to reach the younger target groups parents, the buyers, with more product focused ads and content where we explain the range, main claims and why their kids should use the Spotless series. This while using popping colors and keeping it playful and young.




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