June 2022



Female Voices Development Programme

Splay One Sweden developes a programme for female creators to grow their platforms on YouTube.

The goal is for the profiles’ Youtube channels to grow and for the creators to be able to develop their content in a way that increases engagement and more people want to consume the content for a long time to come. We also want to focus more on the number of views than the number of followers. We hope that our creators will take up more space on the charts.

Splay One wants to highlight a specific group of influencers to boost their impact on YouTube. The project has been named ”Female Voices” and involves Splay One teaming up with a couple of female creators to coach them on how to optimize their social platforms, develop business and brand positioning.

”It is important that young girls, but above all more young guys get to see strong women on Youtube! There is a need for more women who take their place and who have a strong morale, which can inspire the next generation.”

– Penny Parnevik

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