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Musti & Mirri

Musti & Mirri wanted to develop their YouTube channel and concentrate on the quality of its content and the engagement of their customers. Splay One answered to the challenge by creating content that is yet entertaining and stared with the furry friends of influencers. The creatives utilise trending concepts in YouTube, such are tasting videos, testing out different hacks and Q&A videos but with pets this time. Musti & Mirri’s YouTube channel development was started by Splay One at 2020. Until today Splay One has produced 8 different series (each including 3-5 episodes). The main focus has always been the furry friends - and the audience loves them! Each series brings out both brand building and tactical messages in an entertaining way. The content plan is based on Musti & Mirri’s yearly marketing planning and it includes all of the main marketing communications messages: puppies, food and pet accessories.


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