Randulle turns pro?!




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Can Randulle turn pro?

With the help of professional football players, Sander “Randulle” Dale will learn how he can go from being a centre-back in a 4th division team to become an elite football player.

Through interviews and fun challenges, Randulle will get to know the footballers better. Who are they in private? How was their path to the top? What is it like to play at the top? And what are their top 3 tips for becoming a professional footballer?

This 4 episode YouTube-series was produced for Adidas and XXL to promote their new line of football shoes and position XXL as the natural destination to buy them. The target was football enthusiasts in the age group 13-24, and the series scored high both in average view time and engagement!


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And counting...

Randulle går fra midtstopper i 4. divisjon til proff spiss?!

Randulle blir satt på plass av United proff?!

Hæ?! Randulle tar luka på City-spiller?? Har Randulle endelig blitt proff?