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Swedes’ interest in cats and dogs is breaking all records. Arken Zoo wants to help and guide pet owners to become more responsible, safe and happy.

Arken Zoo’s goal is not only to grow, but to help pet owners to become more responsible. The desire for knowledge among both experienced pet owners and newcomers is enormous and Arken Zoo wants to guide them, and at the same time offer the most professional and irresistible content about furry friends.

In order to succeed in this, Arken Zoo chose to start a customer magazine. A magazine is perceived as credible, works well as a long-term relationship builder and can be filled with lots of timeless tips without the recipients feeling that the message becomes too intrusive.
The purpose is to position Arken Zoo as a caring brand, generous with expertise. Another purpose is to build an even stronger relationship with the customers, so that Arken Zoo will become – and remain – their first choice, when it comes to pet food, toys, claw trimming, fur care and more!

Arken Zoo Magasin – Livet med djur is a premium magazine featuring hundreds of helpful tips that are served with irresistible charm. Since the readers are committed pet parents, the content does not focus solely on animals, but rather on the special relationship between animals and humans. The magazine honestly shows what pet parenting is all about: Unconditional love but also what a puppy can do with the interior, how many friends a guinea pig needs and why the indoor cat just wants to escape.
Each issue features celebrities, pet influencers, animal experts and a motley crew of different pet personalities: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and aquarium fish.

With Arken Zoo Magasin, a new fun and trustworthy platform has been established, which customers are willing to spend time with, save – yes, even pay for.

Each issue is launched via Instagram and Facebook, mailing to selected club customers and exposure in Arken Zoo’s over 100 stores. In addition, selected influencers and petfluencers are involved, making mentions on Instagram.

In a survey among Arken Zoo’s store managers, the magazine receives top marks. They think that the magazine provides answers to customers’ questions and contains important information – packaged in an inspiring way.