Chemo Brain




Branded Entertainment


Drama Series

A series produced for TV 2 (Denmark) by Splay One with support by Kræftens Bekæmpelse.

Twenty-eight-year-old Oliver spends his time studying, hanging out with friends, and trying to charm his new girlfriend, Signe, when he finds out that his lower-back pain is actually testicular cancer. Rapidly shifting from mindless living to becoming a hospital regular, chemotherapy sets him on a path of introspection. Welcome distraction, if minimal nurturing, comes via his best friend, his father, and fellow patient Eva, who is facing her own diagnosis with flair. Oliver struggles between maintaining his happy-go-lucky toehold in the life he shaped for himself and honing in on what will ultimately be best for him in the world he has been thrust into.

”The success for the Danish drama series Chemo Brain continues internationally. Not only was the series the first ever Danish series that has been shortlisted for premiere at the American film festival, Sundance Film Festival and at SXSW”



2020 – Sundance Film Festival (USA) / Indie Episodic Program
2020 – TVprisen (Denmark) / Nominated for “Best Short Form Scripted”
2020 – Robertuddelingen/The Danish Academy Award / Nominated for “Best Short Series”
2020 – Zulu Awards / Nominated for “Best Danish TV series”
2020 – SXSW Film Festival (USA) / Special Jury Recognition for Drama
2020 – Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA) / Competition
2020 – Aarhus Series / Nominated for “Best Nordic Series”

Film Festival Awards

Sundance & SXSW


Bucket List - Clip

A Friendly Visit - Clip


Adam Ild Rohweder as Oliver
Stephanie Nguyen as Signe
Jens Jørn Spottag as Dad
Mads Reuther as Emil                                  
Ditte Gråbøl as Doctor
Karoline Brygmann as Eva
Mathilde Passer as Nurse
Birgitte Raaberg as Surgeon
Rasmus Flensborg as Karl