Influencer Marketing



How we created the second most viewed YouTube video in Finland 2022 and a influencer marketing campaign with amazing results.

Influencer marketing campaign was a part of a bigger K-Market campaign, in which one K-Market merchant stopped kids bullying each other in his store and declared it a Bullying Free Zone. The idea was scaled into an operational model for the chain of almost 800 stores. The idea appealed to the public and generated action, dialogue and concrete action. It improved brand value and strengthened the K-Market brand. K-Market reached the top 10 list of responsible brands.

How to reach a young target audience, communicate an important campaign message to them, and get them to engage with the content?



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Olin päivän töissä ruokakaupassa! (OIKEISSA TÖISSÄ)

Influencer marketing campaign was created around influencers who appeal to young people, and YouTube was chosen as the main channel. YouTube content supported TV advertising by reaching a younger audience and keeping them engaged with the content for a long time. We created a concept called ‘In Real Jobs’, where influencers went to work for a day at K-Market and created content for YouTube and Instagram from there.

“I had already been thinking about how I could talk concretely about bullying and discrimination to school classes, so that it would have a real impact. The core of a successful and popular YouTube video lies in its addictive and entertaining nature. A video that simply depicts someone giving a speech about school bullying is not entertaining and therefore needs an added twist. This campaign, and especially the “In real jobs” video, worked really well in collaboration with K-Market, and as a result, it became one of the most viewed videos on my channel in 2022.” – Roni Bäck, YouTuber

YouTube’s popularity among younger audiences makes it a powerful platform for reaching and engaging with this target group. By using influencers who are popular with young people, we were able to create content that resonated with the target audience and kept them interested for extended periods. By supporting TV advertising with YouTube content, the campaign was able to create a more comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy that maximized its impact on the target audience.

ROMI in influencer marketing has risen to the same level of effectiveness as established mass media channels (TV, radio). The results rose to the top of Finnish influencer marketing – and put an end to the discussion about the effectiveness of influencer marketing.