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5 out of 10 young Danes have had unprotected sex the last year. So even though Denmark has seen a lot happen within sex positivism the last few years it seems that the conversation around contraception is pretty much non-existing. Bayer and Splay One partnered up to make the subject an integrated part of the ‘sex conversation’ – because if you have an opinion about sex, you should also have an opinion about which contraception that suits you the best.


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It can be difficult to have a conversation about birth control. Especially at the moment. But should it really be like this in 2022? And who is responsible for you using contraception? Is it a shared responsibility? Or does the responsibility lie with the individual? It’s nice to be protected. But do you also think the world of birth control is extremely difficult to navigate?

Then luckily you’ve come to the right place. #MINPRÆVENTION