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Epiroc triples traffic with smarter audience strategy. They also attracts competitors' customers with their content!

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Epiroc is a Swedish manufacturer of mining and infrastructure equipment. Previously, client communication was characterized by “one content fits all”. But Epiroc has several different target groups – from large companies to self-employed, from top management to operators who handle the equipment. They all have different needs and work in different roles and functions. However, a target audience that needed to be prioritized more strongly are the drilling operators because their influence on purchases has grown significantly.



Together with Splay One, Epiroc developed a multi-channel strategy based on the established content concept Bitz Magasin. A new content platform for articles, was launched as a cornerstone of the updated content universe. The newsfeed on Instagram focuses on operators, an email newsletter is distributed mainly to small companies, and a printed premium magazine was tailor made for purchasing managers at large companies. In 2021, the podcast Borrmästarpodden was launched for drilling operators, starring Epiroc’s own expert in rock drilling along with various guests revealing their personal me and my machine-stories.



Epiroc’s content has become more accurate and reaches more people within each target group. Traffic to digital channels has tripled. Not only because the distribution has been expanded, but because the content is considered relevant and interesting, which is also proved by the increased traffic from organic search.

During a year marked by a pandemic, Bitz Magasin and Borrmästarpodden became a reason to speak with clients who could not be visited in person. Clients are more involved in the content and provide feedback to our editorial team with reflections and ideas of their own. This response also comes from readers and listeners who use competing equipment! Another hallmark of quality is that Bitz’ content is republished more frequently in other contexts, both within Epiroc globally and in the Swedish and International press.

After three seasons of Borrmästarpodden, 12,000 downloads of the podcast have been made (which can be compared to the fact that there are only 2,000 rock drillers in Sweden). The first two seasons were marketed via own digital channels and Epiroc’s service cars. The third season was also promoted on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This campaign reached 203,600 people, resulted in 272,000 video views and 6,949 clicks to the site where the podcast is located. 1,131 people liked, shared, commented and tagged their friends and the view-through rate for video ads were 57 percent. The purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness of the podcast, not primarily to deliver listens. However, the number of downloads went up 30 percent as a result of the advertising.




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