bollstuben by InterSport is the no.1 subscribed branded channel in Sweden. Follow some of the biggest swedish youtubers when they explore, play and talk about soccer



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Intersport wanted to reach and gain likeability from youth interested in soccer. The problem was that over many years they had focused more on an older target audience – in other words the parents of the very target group they wanted to reach. They had been communicating in a way that the parents liked; in newspapers, TV and through customer clubs. So how could they change this to reach a younger target group?


A thorough analysis showed that Intersport was in need of a digital transformation. So, Intersport swapped push for pull – traditional media for YouTube, and created Fotbollstuben – a YouTube channel for soccer fans filled with humour, tricks and stars like Skill Twins, I Just Want To Be Cool, Amanda Lundgren, Adrian from Dunderhumor and Språk För Alla. Intersport decided to trust the content and the attraction it brought so no traditional advertisement was made for the channel. Through likes, comments and sharing, the target group themselves attracted new fans to Fotbollstuben and Intersport.


In less than three months, Intersport had managed to build Sweden’s biggest commercial YouTube-channel ever. Now, in 2018, Fotbollstuben has become an influencer itself – an influencer with over 33 000 000 views and 104 000 subscribers, who’s running successful campaigns resulting in ROI on eight times the budget. 50% of the target group say they would shop at Intersport, and when Fotbollstuben asks for people to come visit an Intersport store – they do so in large numbers, creating a major activity both inside and outside the store.


Fotbollstuben very own World Cup song

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