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How do you reach your target group AND increase sales, ’au naturale’?


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Alice & Antonija


Nivea had for a long time been a strong brand within the beauty segment, but ended up being second to competitors when researching preference among the main target group. Nivea had realised they needed to get closer to their target group by establishing a YouTube presence and came to us with the challenge: We need a new perspective on classic TVC’s and instead create engaging content that can flourish organically. And – how about if we increased sales on our new product while you’re at it?


While entertaining ”clean your skin” content is almost impossible to communicate through a TVC, Make up videos and tutorials are a huge hit on YouTube! Nivea chose to collaborate with the beauty influencer Alice Stenlöf and let her produce her own Make Up/Talkshow Youtube serie – Get ready with Alice. Alice invited other beauty influencers and had a cozy moment together as they used the whole Nivea MicellAIR Expert product series to, in a both entertaining and educating manner, both wash off old make up and redo their look.


Get Ready With Alice outperformed all KPI’s, and the estimated views of 280 000 raise to 405 000 views. The target group kept coming back for more and through likes, views and comments the content was spread organically. At the same time, Nivea could see a crystal clear sales peak after each episode was published.

Alice & Linnea

Alice & Felicia

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