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Arla wanted to ensure that dairy would continue to be a natural part of cooking and baking in the future as well. To do so they wanted, and needed, to establish a relationship with the new generation of foodies, a target group who will set the future food trends and influence all other target groups. But how do you reach a new target group in a time of content overload and ad blockers, and how do you compete with the subscription based streaming platforms with their massive food content budgets?


Arla had a plan. They wanted to reach and connect with the audience on their terms, and to do so they got inspired by influencers. They learned that the most important step towards becoming an influencer is to always put the audience first. That’s why we created Matkanalen by Arla, a hub for food inspiration filled with humor, challenges, recipes and loved social media stars like Lisa Anckarman, Lucas Simonsson, Keyyo and Johanna Nordström cooking together with Arlas chefs Nisse Hallberg and Klara Lind.


After only a month Arla had gained 11 000 subscribers and already taken ownership of food related content on youtube, passing all competitive brands with their 550 000 organic views. A quick example? Arla’s competitor ”Köket” had to upload about 300 videos during 10 months to reach the same amount of views as Matkanalen by Arla got by uploading 9 videos in 1 month. Matkanalen by Arla is an ongoing project and continues to attract new viewers and subscribers as we speak. A short sum up of the first month? 2 000 000 views, 10 500 000 minutes watch time, roughly 20 years of Arla content consumed in one month.


A few of our fantastic guests

Our most viewed episod : The MeatballBattle! with Edward Blom

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