As many brand owners have realized, it’s one thing to manage your social channels on a day-to-day basis, and a completely different issue to actually have something to say and something interesting to post regularly. There are many ways to excel in owned channels and we believe we have the recipe for great success!

With our SoMe content packages, we put your SoMe strategy into play with cost-effective content tailor-made to boost engagement, grow your audience, tell your brand story or simply create conversion, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Snapchat.

Need a full service creative social media manager? Whether you want a few Instagram Posts or need to adjust your full Social Media presence to find your brand’s social media voice, Splay One can help. We create the content concepts, manage production and distribution. Our data driven work method includes daily content evaluation to always optimize your social media presence.

Branded Channel

A Branded Channel is the way to go for a brand that wants to – and have the position to – own a category or a theme on a major digital platform. Splay One has many successful Branded Youtube channels in our repertoire.

This is a long-term strategy aimed at building an audience in your target group, ranging from millennials to adults, and ultimately owning your own high-affinity reach! We take care of everything from defining the ownable category, creating the strategy and developing and producing the formats, to day-to day management of the channel and optimized media buying aimed at driving subscriptions and boost organic views.

This is our crown jewel, where we basically combine all of our expertise to cover your branding as well as conversion KPIs through our Audience Growth Planning model.

Branded Original

How do you build a long lasting relationship with your digital audience? Create and own the format that attracts the eyeballs yourself, instead of trying to associate your brand with popular content by simply running an ad next to it or even disrupting what people actually want to watch.

We develop, produce and distribute original formats tailor-made to cover your brand or campaign objectives and fit to cater to your target group. We take your advertising brief as input and create entertainment industry output. The kind of content people want to watch – not skip.

When you want your own Brand Original – Splay One takes care of everything, from developing the format that fits with your brand and campaign, to casting, production, editing, distribution and evaluation.


You know what they say – don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and don’t try to cut your TVC to fit YouTube. Youmercials are commercials tailored to make an impact on YouTube.

We’re not sharing our special recipe here for everyone to see, but let’s just say that it often includes a mix of well-known YouTube profiles, a deep knowledge of YouTube behavioral data and some smart media planning across channels within our YouTube network. We take care of everything from concept, production and media buying to ongoing ad optimization and dynamic re-targeting.

With our deep knowledge of what makes a video boat float on YouTube, our award winning creative team combined with our in-house production team we gladly take care of the whole process creating your next Youmercial. Together with you we create the video concept, and then Splay One takes care of production, editing, distribution and evaluation.