July 2023



Skurkarnas Skurk - Part two and record sales

The humor group IJustWantToBeCool is back with a twisted, fast-paced page-turner for the bookworm, where the question of who really is a hero is put to the test and where anything can happen.

Stephanie is looking forward to a new term at Rogue School – despite everything that happened during the first. But when students at the school are kidnapped by a mysterious figure, she realizes that even this semester will be anything but normal. It doesn’t get better that her best friend Sven ends up in love-trouble and that the principal gives her a difficult assignment. Clearly, something is not right and Stephanie needs to find out what.

IJustWantToBeCool is YouTube’s largest comedy channel on YouTube, and since 2011 have the brothers Emil, Victor and Joel continuously updated their channels with well-written, creative and entertaining sketches. Their books “Skurkarnas Skurk: Skurkskolan” and the sequel “Skurkarnas Skurk 2: Förädaren” have conquered the sales lists as the best-selling children’s books. With over 100,000 copies sold and reaching record sales of 25,000 copies within the first week are they an all-ages hit.

Join the exciting adventures filled with villains, unexpected twists and a mysterious kidnapping at the Villain School. Stephanie and her friends must solve the mystery and face their arch-rivals in the upcoming Villains vs. Heroes tournament. Welcome to a world where humor and excitement await!

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