A community built on expertise since 2013

We don’t do ”One size fits all”. Since we started back in 2013 we’ve learned that all of our talented creators have different needs. What you can expect from us is truly dedicated talent managers that listens, inspires and encourages you to be yourself. We want you to do what you do best, and everything beside that we can help you with. Because if you succeed, we succeed.

We want you to concentrate on what you do best. We’ll provide you with a tailor made system where we take care of all the boring stuff. Access to free use music library, troubleshooting in social media, social media educations, trend reports. All you need under one roof! Want to join?

Why choose us

We’ll provide you with a tailor made system where we take care of all the boring stuff and you can concentrate on what you do best.

Influencer Marketing

An extra revenue stream? We work with some of the biggest brands in Scandinavia. We match you with the brands that fit you and your values best.

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Studio Space

Our fully equipped podcast and video studios are always ready for you to use. Let's get creative!

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Branded Production

Besides helping you with your content, we help brands succeed with theirs. Maybe your next career move is to host one of our YouTube original series?

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Premium Ads

As an additional revenue stream for the creators in our network, we can offer brands specific channel targeted ads.

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Management & Development

Want to take your next career step and write a book, start a podcast, create a fashion collection or just expand to other social media platforms? We know how!

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Creative Backup

Our in-house Creative Team are experts on everything social media. Want to brainstorm about your next step? Talk to our creatives!

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You got talent! Wanna join our community?


Our community is strong and goes way back. It's filled with Nordic profiles, podcast stars, YouTube creators and TikTok fantastics and a lot more. Here are some of them.