November 2023



Unwrap Your Story with Edvin & Johanna

In the spirit of the holiday season, where the act of giving takes center stage, Zalando, in collaboration with Splay One, embarked on a thoughtful journey to curate an Influencer Marketing Campaign aligned with their Global Campaign – Unwrap Your Story.

The goal was to steer away from the conventional approach of simply gifting the latest gadgets or trendiest items, and instead, emphasize the importance of a gift with significant meaning and a heartfelt thought.

In a time marked by widespread consumerism, the campaign wanted to motivate individuals to explore the art of gift-giving. The focus was on prompting people to dedicate time and effort to comprehend the nuances of their loved ones. To explore their personalities, preferences, and stories, with the aim of discovering gifts that last a life time.

To bring this concept to life on the Swedish market, an iconic duo was identified to front the campaign. Johanna Nordström and Edvin Törnblom, renowned comedians and television personalities, were selected to serve as the charming faces of this content.

During four Sundays in November and December, viewers are invited to follow the duo on a heartwarming journey. Each episode showcase the delightful pair sharing personal stories, unique traits, and cherished memories, all while thoughtfully deliberating what gift to give. The campaign promise a mix of inspiration, love, and laughter, as it unwrapped the stories behind the gifts that has been carefully chosen.

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