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A masked man commits armed robbery in an arcade in Copenhagen. It’s 2013 when we first meet Mo and Ida in a story about love, doubt and the struggle to belong. The story is based on true events.

“Outlaw” is a drama series about a young man’s fight to find his place in life. As a refugee, Mohammed is looking for a calm and steady life with his girlfriend Ida but loses everything when he is charged with armed robbery and remanded in custody. Mohammed experiences both racism and betrayal and with time, he loses faith in the realisations of the dreams he has had up to this point.

En rigtig familie | Episode 1

Mo har det hele - indtil politiet banker på

Fortiden | Episode 2

In prison, Mohammed meets Abdallah, who introduces him to a new community which works with emergency aid in Syria. The new community gives Mohammed a feeling of belonging and something to fight for, but he distances himself further and further from his old life and dreams.

“Outlaw” is about rootlessness and alienation and about the consequences of not feeling recognised by society and not having a sense of belonging. The series is based on true events.