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Shell Motorsport collection social media campaign activated young target group and inspired them to participate in various motorsport competitions in a way that maximized social media reach and time spent with the brand.

• Organic reach 331K.
• Time spent on YouTube content: 27 208 hours
• TikTok InFeed ADS reach 359k and YouTube Premium ADS, NonSkip views of 437k.

Shell launched the new and improved Shell V-Power gasoline in the fall of 2022. Part of the launch was the Shell Motorsport Collection, which included remote-controlled miniature models of the largest international motorsport series, and the goal of the social media campaign was to communicate this Collection to the target group. The collection of seven racing car models was available for a limited time at Shell stations

Organic Reach

331 000

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ADS reach


NonSkip views


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Ajetaan kilpaa eri budjeteilla!


We created influencer marketing and advertising campaign to increase awareness of the Shell Motorsport Collection. The concept was built around a challenge that was exciting to the target audience, making it easy for influencers to produce entertaining content in their own style. By featuring Roni as the face of the digital campaign, the best benefits from the influencer marketing budget were obtained, and social media marketing was enhanced. Advertising that features a well-known influencer often resonates the best with the audience.

In addition to influencer marketing, we created and produced advertising videos for the campaign. Fun and entertaining ad materials, designed for social media, brought the scale model cars to the target audience in a captivating style, and Roni Back, featured in the content, continued the campaign’s story, increasing the advertising’s visibility. The ad materials were produced for YouTube and TikTok, and the content was targeted to the right audience on YouTube with Splay One’s Premium ADS ad package.The ad content supported the influencer campaign, reaching the right target audience.