April 2024



7 reasons to consider Premium Ads

As Splay One celebrates a record-breaking 6 billion views in 2023, now is the opportune moment to spread your message along Top YouTube creators with Premium Ads. Secure first priority placements and make an impact where it matters – in the hearts and minds of your target audience. The team at Splay One will help you select the right channel package for your campaign, offering broad targeting for core demographic 18-44 year-olds or more niched categories like gaming or lifestyle. 

Still wonder why your brand should use Premium Ads?  

Here are seven good reasons why: 

  1. Curated Network: Our local talent managers meticulously handpick creators, ensuring a curated network of diverse content that resonates with demand from advertisers.
  2. Brand Safety: All creators adhere to YouTube’s policies and Splay One’s own stringent brand safety standards. Other advertisers within the same category can be excluded, so your brand is never shown alongside a competitor. CSPs (Creator Service Providers) are a secure environment for your brand to thrive.
  3. First Priority Placements: With Premium Ads, advertisers enjoy the privilege of first priority on all ad placements. Your message is guaranteed to be seen by your target audience before anyone else’s.
  4. Right Context and Precision: Choose between a variety of channel packages to ensure your message reaches the right audience. Add on logged-in users or exclude specific keywords without additional upcharges, for extra precision.
  5. Right Ad Formats for Your Message: From non-skippable to bumper and skippable ads, we help you leverage the right format for your message and campaign goal. Add companion banners to include a CTA to boost conversion rates and increase exposure.
  6. Streamlined Process: Premium Ads simplifies the advertising process. No YouTube account? No problem. While the YouTube Auction require your brand to provide a YT link to the creative, we accept MP4 files and VAST tags as well. Splay One’s platform ensures seamless ad delivery even for non-YouTube users.
  7. Global Expansion: Splay One’s global expansion aligns with the changing landscape of content consumption. YouTube Shorts has propelled the network’s Nordic content onto the global stage, reaching audiences far beyond Nordic borders.

But how does it differ from YouTube auction then?  

Premium Ads is not to be confused with buying Auction OR Premium Ads. The formats are the same but channels in Splay One’s network can’t be reached with placement targeting (whitelists) on Auction, only randomly and therefore not guaranteed. Splay One has first priority on all channels in the networks’ ad placements and it’s rather to be seen as a complement to Auction and other OLV mediums. Leveraging different platforms helps your brand to be seen by as many unique users as possible, increase consideration and purchase intent.  

Auction is good for broad targeting campaigns, but narrowing your targeting, adding upcharge layers and high season periods can increase the cost significantly. Premium Ads are sold at a fixed CPM and stay the same all through the year, even in high season periods. But best of all, Premium Ads benchmarks are at least +2% higher in Completion Rate, VTR and Viewability compared to Auction. 

Splay One invites you to explore the benefits of Premium Ads and drive better results for your brand. It’s more than just advertising; it’s a strategic, brand-safe, reliable choice.  


Finally, one success example: 

Splay One had a leading wine brand run a 2-month campaign Nov-Dec (high season), wanting to spread awareness and increase consideration of 3 new wines, all towards almost the same demographic but different interests. We helped them find the right channel packages to be seen in the right context, set the KPIs and optimized the campaign accordingly, and the results showed. They ran the same campaigns on the YouTube auction in conjunction with Premium Ads and our results were higher on all KPIs. VTR and Completion Rate were >3% higher and CPMs were -29% with Premium Ads compared to Auction.  


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