June 2022



Cover Sweden – a new web series for Visit Sweden

”Cover Sweden” is an exploration journey through Sweden and famous album covers and a YouTube series produced by Splay One in collaboration with Visit Sweden.

Visit Sweden’s mission is to market Sweden as a top tourist destination. Up until 2022 their main target group had been foreign tourists. Cover Sweden is their first campaign targeted at Swedes, with the goal to increase domestic traveling through inspiring YouTube content.

The YouTube series Cover Sweden is exactly what it sounds like. The series is set out to cover all of Sweden, but the starting point of each episode is 11 different album covers from the ”Swedish music miracle”.

In 11 packed episodes the viewer follows the beloved show hosts Erik Ekstrand and Ayan Jamal in their search of the spots where the album cover photos were once shot. On their journey they get to meet local people, test local food and find hidden gems. To give the musical background to the album and the area are hosts are visiting, the show is guest by acclaimed music and pop culture journalist Fredrik Strage. Besides 11 full length episodes, Splay One has also produced 10 shorter videos in which Fredrik Strage’s voice over brings the viewer on a further exploration through the hidden gems and music treasures of Sweden.

We are very proud to present the series Cover Sweden and would like to thank Visit Sweden for trusting in our YouTube expertise and as a production partner. We look forward to meeting more and more Swedes on the roads this summer!

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