December 2023



Splay One’s record-breaking 6 billion views!

Splay One’s YouTube network breaks all records in 2023. Summing up the year, the total number of views comes to an incredible 6 billion, far and away exceeding the total of 1.2 billion views in 2022. 

“We have had a focus on growing our global inventory these last two years. Our parent company, Caybon, is a global company, so we have sales teams in North America and other parts of Europe, to only focus on the Nordics isn’t the future for us. We also have Newsner, our sister company and a global publisher. So, this global expansion of the network has been a part of the plan”, says Jonna Säll, Group CEO, Splay One.

“And thanks to YouTube Shorts, we also see that our Nordic content has moved more globally than ever before. Videos are now consumed to a much greater extent in other countries, such as in the United States”, says David Hellberg, Head of Network at Splay One.

Other positive news is that the network’s Youtubers have managed to attract more subscribers. Many, many more! The subscribers are up from 1.7 million new in 2022 to a whopping 8.7 million in 2023!

“We try to build a quality network of creators. We know, for example, that around 45 percent of our YouTube views are from connected tv (CTV). When it comes to our mission, it’s to help our creators to grow their businesses. Our offer is updated, and we are trying to develop it even further to fit the requests of the creators. We need to provide the best service for the creators in our network: whether they need help editing, assistance with thumbnails, help publishing a book, producing a podcast, or setting a plan for how they can improve sales”, says Jonna Säll.

During 2023 Splay One’s talent team welcomed over 60 new profiles to the network.

“We are of course very happy with these numbers, but we hope to grow even more within the next two years”, says David Hellberg, Head of Network

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